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Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe SS304 – Satin & Mirror

SSRT4006 SS304 Round Tube 12.7×1.2mm 180 grit
SSRT4006_M SS304 Round Tube 12.7×1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSRT4004 SS304 Round Tube 15.88×1.2mm 180 grit
SSRT4004_M SS304 Round Tube 15.88×1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSRT40031 SS304 Round Tube 19.05×1.2mm 180 grit
SSRT40031_M SS304 Round Tube 19.05×1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSRT40021 SS304 Round Tube 25.4×1.2mm 180 grit
SSRT40021_M SS304 Round Tube 25.4×1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSRT4032 SS304 Round Tube 31.8×1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSRT4008 SS304 Round Tube 38.1×1.2mm 180 grit
SSRT4008_M SS304 Round Tube 38.1×1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSRT4005 SS304 Round Tube 38.1×1.5mm 180 grit
SSRT4382 SS304 Round Tube 38.1x2mm 180 grit
SSRT4011 SS304 Round Tube 50.8×1.2mm 180 grit
SSRT4011_M SS304 Round Tube 50.8×1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSSQ101 SS304 Square Tube 15x15X1.2mm 180 grit
SSSQ101_M SS304 Square Tube 15x15X1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSSQT42525 SS304 Square Tube 25x25X1.2mm 180 grit
SSSQT42525_M SS304 Square Tube 25x25X1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSSQ4004 SS304 Square Tube 40x40x1.2mm 180 grit
SSSQ4004_M SS304 Square Tube 40x40x1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSSQ40011 SS304 Square Tube 50x50x1.2mm 180 grit
SSSQ40011_M SS304 Square Tube 50x50x1.2mm 600 grit Mirror Finish
SSRECTT01 SS304 Rectangular Tube 40x10x1.2mm 180 grit
SSRT40252 SS304 Rectangular Tube 40x20x1.2mm 180 grit
SSRT0090 SS304 Rectangular Tube 25x13x1.2mm 180 grit
RECT003 SS304 Rectangular Tube 50x25x1.2mm 180 grit
RECT003_M SS304 Rectangular Tube 50x25x1.2mm 600 grit
RECT001 SS304 Rectangular Tube 50x25x1.5mm 180 grit

SS304 Tubes

Our balustrades handrails are made from the highest quality stainless steel. Our products are designed to suit your needs and make an architectural statement in any space. They add a touch of class, style, and luxury to any setting.

Bultrading is your one stop shop solution. We have all in house facilities to help our clients with tube/pipe rolling for curve balconies and spiral staircases as well CNC laser/plasma cutting and bending.

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